Wild West Theme Events
Cowboy Shows and Western Theme Events
Wild West Theme Events

Wild West Shows, Western Acts, Cowboy Acts,

Howdy Cowboys!


Yea ha! and Whoha!,

its time for some cowboy action!cowboy rope spinner


 Western Acts, Cowboy Acts

Wild West American Theme Events,

Trick Rope Spinning,


Whip Cracking,

Fire Eating,

Vegas Showgirls, line dancers and can can 

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Bigtopmania offers Wild-West Theme Event Attractions & Entertainment
vegas showgirls

PeteZa is a key artist For Shows and Walkabout in various themed costumes.

Indeed British Cowboys are a rare breed! (With the Legendary World Champion Vince Bruce an honourable exception)

We provide serious arena shows or tongue in cheek Performances like...

Indi Jones
Bull-Whipping, Alligator Wrestler

Crazy Bandido
Bandit on the Run, Amigo.

Wild West Wally
Cowboy, for shows and walkabout, workshops.

Uncle Sammy
Massive Stilt-Walker for Independence Days

Cute Cowgirls or
Glamour Puss-on-Stilts

Rusty the Clown from Dodgy City
with Rodney the Rodeo Rat(?)

Buffalo Spill & Spilly the Kid

crazy cowboy waiters

Tequila Sheillas & Side Show Sam
line dancer team
Cowboy Builders and Indians from India!

Cool Hand Ranch Dudes

Drummers & Musicians,

Cajun bands
Hoe Down Fiddlers & Honkey Tonk Pianists.

Singing Cowboys

Trick Ropers and Whip Crackers

Gun Slingers, Knife Throwers,

Tomahawks and Archery.

Stunt Horse Riders &

Pony Slowcoaches.

Attractions & Side-Shows

(some our own, others via colleagues)

can include for example

Lasso the Cactus

Rope Spinning Skills Workshop

Knife Throwing Skills
& Archery Skills

Rodeo Bulls and Quick Draw Machines

Tin Can Alleys, Shooting and Hoop-La's

Themed Props, Decor, Flags,

Saloon Bars and Can Can Dancers

 Can Can Dancers

Country and Western Bands.

Casinos, Poker and

Sneaky Card Sharps

Guitar and camp fire songs,

baked beans etc

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Wild West Theme Events
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